Consent is So Frat – Promoting Consent as a Fraternity Value

Matthew Leibowitz, a graduate of Wesleyan University in 2014, launched a non profit organization called Consent is So Frat this past year. He was inspired to create the organization because he said he thought that “fraternity brothers were being introduced to the idea of consent as the inevitable enemy.” By promoting that consent is ‘cool’ and an essential part of being a fraternity brother, Leibowitz wants his organization to turn around the concept or stereotype of a fraternity brother and their behavior towards women.

Leibowitz said that the goal of the organization is to get university administration involved, instead of having them keep their distance from the reality of Greek parties and the increasing percentages of sexual assault. The partnership between Consent is So Frat and administration will promote the idea of consent and strengthen the weak relationship between Greek life and college administration.

Tuesday night at 9:30 pm, the IFC held an informational discussion about sexual assault and consent in the McLeod Suites of Curry Student Center, and was available to any member of Greek life. The organization is now tied to the Greek community at Northeastern to promote consent. 

“Consent is So Frat” organization promotes chivalry and consent to women as a part of being a fraternity brother. Each week, the Consent is So Frat blog posts highlight different fraternities who have embraced the culture of consent and are anti-sexual assault and the degradation of women. For example, on September 29, the Sigma Pi fraternity declared in their creed that its brothers are bound to treat women with the utmost respect, dignity, and honor that they would bestow on their own mother or sister.

The campus representative program has spread to over 30 college campuses besides Northeastern, including Rutgers and the University of Michigan.

This organization is influential to the lives of college women, involved in Greek life or not, because they can feel safe and comfortable socializing with fraternity brothers.

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